Spam Emails Are The Biggest Cause Of Hacking

These days many online businesses spring off daily. They need attention to have anyone using their services. So, in order to gain your attention, they send you e-mails. Sending repeating e-mails with no user’s interest is called spamming. This problem is increasing day by day and is challenging Cybersecurity.

What Is Ransomware And How To Prevent It

In many movies, you must have seen a bad guy kidnapping someone and demanding some money from his/her family. Just bring that scenario to the software world, and that is what a Ransomware is. In clear words, a Ransomware is a piece of software that is designed to encrypt your data to prevent your access and demand a sum of money from you to unlock it.

The Ultimate Guide To CYBER SECURITY

Cyber security is the technical process utilizing tools which protect your programs and networks from any kind of digital attacks. The cyber-attacks are usually aimed to destroy, access or change your sensitive information and your normal business processes.

5 Hacks to Keep Your IT Security Sorted

Does the thought of being hacked haunt you quite often? If not, then certainly you are not alone. 87% of small business owners are exactly alike in this regard, however you might not be realizing the extent to which many businesses get exposed.