Cybersecurity Challenges & Their Solutions In The Healthcare Industry

Cybercriminals have always found the healthcare sector to be a lucrative target. Cybercriminals continue to discover methods to exploit healthcare cybersecurity policies, whether it be high-value patient data or a low tolerance for downtime that could interfere with patient care.

How does San Diego IT Support Save Your Business Money?

IT Support in San Diego has risen to prominence as the technology required to manage small business becomes more sophisticated as the business expands. Even though you might employ people to handle your IT needs, building a team capable of managing and monitoring all of your systems and software can be costly.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Cybersecurity Services In San Diego?

If a portion or majority of your business operations rely on computers and the internet, it is potentially liable to cyber-attacks. 

The aim of these attacks is to compromise, steal, or misuse your business's confidential information, or your customer’s, for fraudulent purposes.

DoorDash Data Breach: Exposed Data of 4.9 Million Customers

Before Halloween begins, hackers scared out the DoorDash, a popular food delivery app. At the end of September month, DoorDash announced that hackers accessed the company's data system and stole the personal information of approximately 4.9 million people, including customers, merchants, restaurants, and delivery workers.

A Cloud Hosting Firm – iNSYNQ Hit In MegaCortex Ransomware Attack

Recently in mid of July 2019, a ransomware outbreak that hit iNSYNQ, a QuickBooks cloud hosting firm. This cyberattack appears to have started with an email phishing that trapped an employee working in sales for the company.

It is further said that interlopers have been in the internal networks of iNSYNQ for roughly ten days before releasing Ransomware.

Louisiana Governor Declares “State of Emergency” After Serious Cyberattacks on School Systems

On 26th July 2019, a severe ransomware attack happened in Louisiana. Ransomware continues to attack public and private computer networks around the globe.

Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards had recently declared a state of emergency after the severe cyber-attack hit on school computer systems in the Parishes of Ouachita (City of Monroe School District), Morehouse and Sabine.

Spam Emails Are The Biggest Cause Of Hacking

These days many online businesses spring off daily. They need attention to have anyone using their services. So, in order to gain your attention, they send you e-mails. Sending repeating e-mails with no user’s interest is called spamming. This problem is increasing day by day and is challenging Cybersecurity.

Impact of Dark Web in Today’s World And How Can We Protect Ourselves

What is the dark web?

The dark web is a relatively new term in the modern dictionary now, but surprisingly it had existed since the inception of the World Wide Web! It is like a hidden Pandora’s box; hidden from the common knowledge and accessible only by the ones who had known about it for a long time.

What Is Ransomware And How To Prevent It

In many movies, you must have seen a bad guy kidnapping someone and demanding some money from his/her family. Just bring that scenario to the software world, and that is what a Ransomware is. In clear words, a Ransomware is a piece of software that is designed to encrypt your data to prevent your access and demand a sum of money from you to unlock it.

The Ultimate Guide To CYBER SECURITY

Cyber security is the technical process utilizing tools which protect your programs and networks from any kind of digital attacks. The cyber-attacks are usually aimed to destroy, access or change your sensitive information and your normal business processes.

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