5 Hacks to Keep Your IT Security Sorted

5 Hacks to Keep Your IT Security Sorted

Does the thought of being hacked haunt you quite often? If not, then certainly you are not alone. 87% of small business owners are exactly alike in this regard, however you might not be realizing the extent to which many businesses get exposed.  A considerable number of small businesses experience cyber-attacks.

Don’t console yourself thinking that you are just a small entity-why would anyone be interested in your business? Your business is equally, or rather much more vulnerable to these types of cyber-attacks due to your negligence. Hackers find small businesses much more appealing due to the fact that they typically have a moderate amount of data with minimal security. And this stolen information is used to steal from many others.

You put your business at huge risk when you are unprepared for a cyber-attack. In incidents of data breach, hackers can steal money, employee details, customer data, and vendor information. Most likely, you are not be willing to put your relationship with your customers, employees and vendors at stake.

To curb these vulnerabilities, cyber security is imperative for any business, no matter large or small.

IT security tips from Fusion Factor Corporation cyber security consultants may help you prepare for cyber coercions:-

Train Employees

Employees should be made to actively participate in the IT security of your business. Employees all together make up the culture of an organization and cyber security is no different. It should start from having an efficient IT security policy for your business. This policy can be created with the help of IT consultants and needs to cover cyber security best practices such as strong password policy, dual authentication for crucial business applications, etc.

And keep sharing IT security tips with your employees on a regular basis, because the cyber world is ever changing, and at a very fast pace. Most importantly, just having a cyber security policy won’t work unless it’s skillfully implemented in a consistent manner.

Update Computers

Outdated systems and applications are much more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than the updated ones. Top IT consultants recommends the practice of updating desktops, laptops, and mobile devices at regular intervals and keeping your operating systems and web browsers up to date which will help in protecting against the latest threats.

Moreover, use of security applications is highly advisable in any of the systems used for work by your employees. Regular checks for new versions of software and updates should be done and scheduled.

Create Backups

Certainly you wouldn’t be willing to lose all your data in any scenario, so backing up your data regularly is highly advisable by IT security consultants.

All your important information should have a copy and that needs to be kept secure as well. You can store your data either in the cloud or storage devices such as a memory card or external hard drive, etc.

Limit Access

Unauthorized people shouldn’t have access to your company computers and accounts irrespective of how well known or trusted that person might be.

Moreover, all your employees may not need access to all information and technology. Based on their roles and responsibilities, authorization of use of different types of software and information needs to be assigned. This enhances the accountability in the organization along with development of a much safer work environment. The feature of limited privileges in various applications and software can be utilized that will limit the access of various personnel using different login credentials.

Your business’s WiFi can turn out to be one of the easiest ways to access data. Set up the WiFi as such that only employees can access it.

Implement a Social Media policy

 In this cyber era, online platforms are used by your business employees for work, shopping and socializing.  Though this technological innovation has shrunk the world, and the entire world is just a click away, there are tremendous security vulnerabilities out there in various forms.  To truly protect your business from any of the haphazard clicks, there should be a social media and communication guideline in place for all your employees so that they may not be baited to threats of phishing, malicious software or fake identities.

The need for an intelligent, amalgamated front to fight cyber threats is greater than ever. Organized, multifaceted cyber-crime is rapidly growing, cracking even the most secure companies with highly ostentatious arrangements. Don’t let your small business be exposed to such cyber-attacks-avoid being a victim. Be prepared and fight back.

Contact Fusion Factor Corporation’s security experts to help you plan your IT security and by outsourcing your IT business to us , you get an entire team dedicated to identifying and blocking every conceivable cyber threat, so you can focus on making more money.