What Is Ransomware And How To Prevent It

What Is Ransomware And How To Prevent It

In many movies, you must have seen a bad guy kidnapping someone and demanding some money from his/her family. Just bring that scenario to the software world, and that is what a Ransomware is. In clear words, a Ransomware is a piece of software that is designed to encrypt your data to prevent your access and demand a sum of money from you to unlock it. As you already know, this is the digital age and data has very large importance. So, if the Ransomware got you in the trap, you might need to fulfil the demand of the ransom.

Now, before proceeding further, let us take a look at the history and origin of Ransomware. The first known malware extortion attack was carried out by AIDS Trojan and written by Joseph Popp in 1989. From that time, more and more research was conducted in this field. A recent big Ransomware attack was the WannaCry attack. The WannaCry attack affected more than 30 countries. Millions of devices were locked. A lot of data was lost and many businesses incurred heavy losses. The Ransomware spread itself through the internet. But, it hid until it was remotely triggered. This attack was so powerful that it stopped the whole business of FedEx for a few days.

This Ransomware is of two categories: encrypting Ransomware and non-encrypting Ransomware. Encrypting Ransomware lock or hide files and demand an amount to feed the ransom. But, non-encrypting Ransomware doesn't encrypt files. They restrict the user's access to the computer by performing disturbing actions. One such attack was the WinLock attack. In August 2010, Russian authorities arrested nine individuals connected to a ransomware Trojan known as WinLock. WinLock did not use encryption. Instead, WinLock trivially restricted access to the system by displaying pornographic images and asked users to send a premium-rate SMS (costing around US$10) to receive a code that could be used to unlock their machines. The scam hit numerous users across Russia and neighboring countries—reportedly earning the group over US$16 million.

Nowadays, with the increasing and dominant popularity of mobile platforms, Ransomware is targeting mobile operating systems. Because, these days, much high priority data is found on mobile phones. Ransomware protection is a popular requirement of digital systems these days. So, how can you protect yourself from such malicious software? Here We will share with you some tips

• Stop using torrent. Torrent is a great source of Ransomware. You can’t expect Ransomware protection until you become aware of it.

• Backup your important files regularly. This is probably the most boring process to be protected from Ransomware. But, it is always trustworthy. It is recommended to back up all your important files after a major change.

• Use a good Ransomware antivirus. Now, while choosing an antivirus software you need to be careful. Please pay special attention to all of its features. Research whether it provides Ransomware protection. And, go for it.

Coming to the conclusion, if you are a normal user and you want good Ransomware protection, choosing a great Ransomware antivirus to play a significant role in your security. Now, let me remind you of one thing. Data is money in this digital world. Stay Aware. Stay Protected.