Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Fully duplicated files and applications to prepare you for disruptions

Recovering large chunks of data is more complicated than it seems, but our specialists take the burden off your shoulders

Businesses that assume they are immune to disaster are the most likely to suffer from data loss. No matter how secure you believe your systems are, it takes only one catastrophic event to wipe out your data. With Fusion Factor Corporation’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning solutions, you don’t risk everything you’ve worked hard for.

Our comprehensive backups provide you with all the tools you need to duplicate your most important files, folders, and servers, and allow you to quickly recover them following a disaster. No matter what hits your company -- fire, flood, or plain human negligence -- you’ll get back on your feet in no time.

What you get with Fusion Factor Corporation-assisted backups:

  • A Customized Business Continuity Plan - We identify, plan and execute a BCP according to your company’s unique needs
  • Super-secure storage - Your data’s safety is assured in our cloud servers
  • Clear recovery procedures - Our consultants’ disaster recovery guidelines let you stay calm amidst a chaotic situation
  • Quick restoration times - We offer backup systems that quickly retrieve your data, reinstall critical hardware, and restore your faith in technology

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Disaster recovery requires planning, people, and technology

As your backup strategist, we identify critical data, implement procedures for recovery, and ensure the accuracy of backed up files.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

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