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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) are essential tools that simplify doctors’ daily healthcare processes while offering more visibility into patients’ information too. And if your office hasn’t already considered technology support and healthcare software solutions, isn’t it time that you do? Fusion Factor Corporation has deep experience serving the healthcare industry meaning we’re able to design an IT system that will support your specific EMR and EHR software and maintain full compliance with HIPAA.

Operating a functional Healthcare IT support in today’s modern world requires a certain level of technology and technique to stay successful and competitive. Healthcare IT practices must be able to maintain a stable network while growing to meet the needs of an ever-changing IT savvy industry. That why you need the expertise of Fusion Factor Corporation for your Healthcare IT Services. Be sure not to set yourself up for failure with inadequate Healthcare IT providers that make promises of a low-cost budget for quality IT support. At Fusion factor, we bring freedom over hardware crashing, data security headaches, and cyber threats.

Why You Should Outsource Your Healthcare IT Support to Us

Legal IT Solutions to Keep Your Clients Safe

Partner with Fusion factor today and get 24/7 Healthcare Managed IT Services that guarantee your healthcare system from cyber threats, unnecessary downtime of office systems with an experienced in-house team of Managed healthcare IT consultant.

Fusion factor will help maintain and keep track of patients' files, schedule appointment dates, or other activities inherent to the healthcare system at a convenient flat fee. Our team of passionate Healthcare IT support team will coordinate access to your most essential data, keep vital information secure with firewalls and monitors, and boost your overall healthcare efficiency with 100% uptime.

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Cost-effective and Responsive Healthcare IT Support

Fusion Factor offers the best experience, from basic virtual helpdesk and tracking services to full on-site consultation on constructive healthcare IT infrastructure upgrades. You will receive 24/7 hassle-free healthcare IT support, on-going data management and optimization, seamless escalation, and prompt response to technical issues.

Host your Healthcare IT systems with a committed team of veteran IT professionals.

Lack of proper Managed Healthcare IT Support to control your Healthcare IT systems can hinder your physician's ability to provide adequate services. Common healthcare challenges are that most healthcare workers do not have access to needed essential information at work. In this case, your healthcare industry needs a Fusion factor team of veteran IT professionals who will incorporate cloud technology and EMR technology to lend to your healthcare organization's success.

We understand the daily challenges facing your healthcare organization.

Collaborative cloud tech, mobile solutions, enhanced data security, and an optimized IT framework will drive the company ahead of the Healthcare industry's challenges. We can provide these healthcare IT services and more to provide you with a seamless technology experience that allows you to transform your patient experience.

Our Healthcare IT Consulting And Solutions Give You

  • Managed services tailored to meet every aspect of your unique needs
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Implementation of EMR and EHR solutions
  • Custom built servers for seamless operation
  • Remote access to ensure resources and data availability even on-the-go
  • 24/7 monitoring and support

Protect confidential patient data, align your technology with your practice and enjoy stress-free EMR and EHR transition.

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