What is Dark Web and How it will affect your business

What is Dark Web and How it will affect your business

Although there is the World Wide Web and less well understood and probably the infamous Dark Web, not everyone who uses Dark Web is malicious. So, what is the dark web? And why are cybersecurity companies accessing underground exchanges for valuable data and intellectual property when there is so much criminal activity?

In the dark, there are intellectual rays that are very useful to organizations for various reasons. Many people assume that the Dark Web is terrible because of the meaning of the word "dark." Anxious about what hides in the darkness of the anonymous Web.

What happens in the Dark Web?

You and your employees spend their time online every day. They research clients, check competitors, and search for information. They do not access the dark web. The Dark Web contains dangerous and often illegal activities. This includes the sale of drugs on the black market, the sale of illegal firearms, and illegal pornography.

Dark Web's collection of websites cannot be accessed using standard search engines or browsers. Users hide their identities and activities using Tor or I2P encryption tools and spoof IP addresses.

To access Dark Web, you also need to use a Tor or I2P service. Besides, you need to know the location of the site you are looking for. There is a dark web directory, but it is not reliable. Dark Web people don't want their victims to find it. Ultimately, it is not where you or your employees need.

Dangers Hidden in the Dark Web for businesses

The Dark Web itself is not illegal, and not all traffic is a crime. It is also visited by journalists and law enforcement agencies and is used in countries where open communication is prohibited.

Nevertheless, the number of dark web listings that can harm your business continues to grow. In a 2019 survey, 60% of all lists could harm businesses, and the number of those dark web lists has increased by 20% since 2016.

The business risks from these dark web lists include:

  • Undermining brand reputation
  • Loss of competitive advantage
  • Denial-of-service attack or malware disruption
  • IP theft
  • Fraudulent activity

With the media focus on data breaches affecting millions of people, small businesses can easily be considered at no risk. However, malicious actors do not target the business because of their size. "We want accessibility.

Dark web information is up to 20 times more likely to result from an unreported breach. Privacy experts said victims of the Federal Trade Commission meeting included medical practices, retailers, school districts, restaurant chains, and other small businesses.

Precautions to be taken to avoid trouble with Dark Web

If the information is ultimately on the dark web, there is little you can do about it. The bright side, at least, is knowing that your business has been compromised. Instead, look ahead. Keep your security up to date and install security patches regularly.

Consider an integrated threat management (UTM) device or UTM appliance. The UTM connects to the network and acts as a gateway, protecting your business from malware, unauthorized access, and other security risks.

UTM Security Appliance can provide:

  • Application control
  • Anti-malware scan
  • URL and content filtering
  • Data loss prevention
  • Email security
  • Wireless and remote access management

Fusion Factor San Diego Dark Web Monitoring Services

Fusion Factor provides Dark Web Monitoring Services in San Diego. The Fusion Factor Dark Web Monitoring system scans for data breaches from Dark Web looking for registered email addresses and domains. A report is generated detailing the violation, including an email account that was violated and the source of the breach. Monitoring is ongoing as a subscription service. As new data breaches are discovered, Fusion Factor rescans and keeps you informed of changes since the last report.

Fusion Factor provides advanced enterprise-level security tools to monitor and detect real-time breaches of corporate data. By keeping tabs in the most secretive corners of the Internet, you can discover breached corporate information and seize these critical assets before they are used for identity theft, data breach, or other crimes You can be notified immediately.

As a trusted technology partner and advisor, our goal is to secure the most valuable business assets.