The Importance Of Multifactor Authentication In Today’s Time

When we talk about the protection of our data, the very first thing that comes is having a strong password, which is the typical tactic that strikes our mind.

But what if we say that 81% of hacking-related breaches concluded because of weak or stolen passwords? And at the same time, yet 91% of users considered to reuse the same weak passwords.

What Is Zero Trust And How It Benefits Securing Your Business?

The traditional way of securing IT has always been about building walls, protecting data and applications in-house data centers, and shield by secure comprising firewalls and other filters.

Inside the business, access to networks has been restricted by entering usernames and passwords.

During This Global Pandemic Hackers Are Doubling Down- Here’s How To Stop Them

The world is slowing down during this COVID-19 pandemic. Wall Street is being hit hard. People are no longer going out. We’re told to quarantine or self-isolate and not engage in groups.

What is Dark Web and How it will affect your business

Although there is the World Wide Web and less well understood and probably the infamous Dark Web, not everyone who uses Dark Web is malicious. So, what is the dark web? And why are cybersecurity companies accessing underground exchanges for valuable data and intellectual property when there is so much criminal activity?

In the dark, there are intellectual rays that are very useful to organizations for various reasons.

5 Biggest Cybersecurity Trends In 2020 Everyone Should Know About

Over the past decade, companies and individuals have witnessed the emergence and integration of smart technology. Cybersecurity has been pushed to full throttle as technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence)and IoT(Internet of Things) have advanced significantly.

Increasing Crimes and How Cyber Security Helps

The Internet landscape is changing drastically, and savvy hackers are constantly adapting their methods to steal and share your information.

There are daily reports of large and small businesses suffering from, sometimes unrecoverable security breaches.

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Phishing Scams

As you all know, phishing is a technique of stealing confidential information by tricking the users. Data might be any passwords, personal and financial information, etc.

Usually, phishing scams are done by hackers using email scam techniques, using platforms of social media networks, smartphones with internet access, and more types of phishing attacks are multiplying.

Can You Recognize, Is Your Email Been Spoofed Or Not!

Over several days, numerous members' reported receiving an email from their board members, accountants, and management teams, asking them to open an attachment or sending personal details like bank account numbers, etc.

Many got that it's a spam email, but one or two fall victim to the scam.

Seize Top 5 Points on Importance of Cyber Security Awareness

Every business is at risk of cyber-attack. As our reality turns out to be more digitized through progressions in innovation, hacking techniques and digital attacks are progressing as well.

Business activities depend vigorously on technology, including customer service, accounting, communication, and many more.