5 Biggest Cybersecurity Trends In 2020 Everyone Should Know About

5 Biggest Cybersecurity Trends In 2020 Everyone Should Know About

Over the past decade, companies and individuals have witnessed the emergence and integration of smart technology. Cybersecurity has been pushed to full throttle as technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence)and IoT(Internet of Things) have advanced significantly.

So what are the biggest Cybersecurity trends in 2020?

1. Targeted Phishing Attacks
Malware, phishing, and ransomware are the most household terms. So what's new? As the IoT continues to evolve internally, more sophisticated and clear cyberattacks are anticipated, and with increased reliance on smartphones, malicious people will have more ways to collect and exploit sensitive data.

As modern innovations take the lead, prominent individuals within the company will likely take extra precautions.

2. More Migration To Cloud Services
Cloud solutions will continue to be available and affordable for large businesses as well as small businesses.

Cloud services provide small to large enterprises with a one-stop solution for hosting and operating much of their IT infrastructure in a centralized environment over the Internet. Eliminates the need to rely on third-party vendors for software, applications, and storage. Therefore, removing many of the attacker's paths is usually exploited.

3. More Awareness
Because human error is a significant factor in data breaches, bold efforts are being made to educate staff on potential threats.

Attacks can now be camouflaged and personalized for individuals, businesses, and governments. Therefore, to protect yourself, it is not enough to encrypt your Internet traffic using Windows VPN or monitor these malicious emails.

4. Implementation of Machine Learning And Automation
When human error is a concern, we often change technology to solve the problem. And with advances in A.I-based security processes, we witness the development and adoption of automated machine learning solutions and take cybersecurity to an unprecedented level.

If A.I could respond to an attack in just a fraction of a second, compared to a few minutes, days, or months of a human analyst, it would inevitably turn to headquarters.

Consider how AI can simplify data collection and dissemination, and provide a clear picture for human analysts. Many IT service providing companies are flaunting new state-of-the-art for cybersecurity solutions and are arguably central.

5. More Accountability
Accountability can also be affected if the data handler is overheated to protect user privacy. Businesses that retain personal data about their clients or customers will face increasing pressure from compliance regulators, auditors, and additional legal requirements.

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