The Importance Of Multifactor Authentication In Today’s Time

The Importance Of Multifactor Authentication In Today’s Time

When we talk about the protection of our data, the very first thing that comes is having a strong password, which is the typical tactic that strikes our mind.

But what if we say that 81% of hacking-related breaches concluded because of weak or stolen passwords? And at the same time, yet 91% of users considered to reuse the same weak passwords.

For hackers, cracking your password is just a call of seconds, resulting in data breaches and ransomware attacks. This is where multifactor authentication (MFA) plays a major role.

The practice of having additional identity verifying information beyond the username-password combination is valuable. Let’s discuss some of the best benefits of MFA, and why everyone from CEOs, business managers to an individual should get on board.

An Extra Layer of Security

The multifactor authentication is exactly as it sounds. It’s a process of authorizing one’s access to system or application by having them provide multiple credentials. This includes three factors to access:

  1. Something you already know – Username and password
  2. Something you own- Email or mobile device, which will receive a PIN or code
  3. Something you are- Your fingerprint or retina

MFA creates the layer of security that stunts the hacker’s hacking process, as he will think that a compromised password is enough to access the protected account.

Along with that, the code sent to you through email or mobile gets to expire in a matter of minutes, and this prevents hackers from taking time to do trial and error guesswork. On the other hand, retinas and fingerprints are hard to replicate, further securing the authentication procedure.

Effective Defense against Phishing Scams

Phishing is one of the favorite ways used by hackers, wherein they create seemingly reputable party tricks. The users submit their username and password credentials to that fake duplicate social media, banking portal, or email login page.

The data is now with the hacker, enabling them access to accounts that contain crucial information. Many lone wolf hackers use phishing attacks to hack accounts because it’s a highly lucrative scam with minimal risk.

Due to MFA, the risk level of cyber threat decreases, according to Google research, due to the use of multifactor authentication on an account that prevents a whopping 99% of bulk phishing attacks and 100% of automated attacks.

This is because if someone falls for phishing attacks, MFA prevents that user’s username and password combo from becoming a single point of failure.

Better Compliance

With extra security, MFA helps companies and their employees rest assured in guaranteed security compliance. Every company needs to follow some standard level of local, state, and/or federal compliance guidelines, with some of these specifying MFA can be used in specific contexts, such as managing extra-sensitive data(healthcare information) or when connecting to specific locations.

With the help of multifactor authentication, your business security improves and can better mitigate common risks and vulnerabilities, resulting in avoiding substantial fines and penalties.

Easy To Set Up

Many popular services already use MFA, including apps from Google, office 365, and Salesforce. Typically, these needs to be set up within your account settings, though the process is simple to enable and happens in no time.

There are many popular multifactor authentication apps such as Google Authenticator, Authy, and Microsoft Authenticator secure all your accounts by providing you with a unique code each time you attempt to log in to a profile.

The process of using these apps is simple, and you need to open the app, then copy and paste the code to get past security.


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