Louisiana Governor Declares “State of Emergency” After Serious Cyberattacks on School Systems

Louisiana Governor Declares “State of Emergency” After Serious Cyberattacks on School Systems

On 26th July 2019, a severe ransomware attack happened in Louisiana. Ransomware continues to attack public and private computer networks around the globe.

Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards had recently declared a state of emergency after the severe cyber-attack hit on school computer systems in the Parishes of Ouachita (City of Monroe School District), Morehouse and Sabine.

After the series of attacks in the three state’s school districts, that shut down their phone and locked and encrypted their data to get ransom payment.

The ransomware attack has plagued states and cities in the past including Baltimore, Atlanta, several towns of Florida and others throughout the country.

Nowadays, cybercriminals are targeting states and local governments with ransomware tools. These tools affect the organization’s computer networks, lock and encrypt critical files to get ransom payment in return.

The cybercriminals also disrupted phone systems of the schools. All three school districts state that they believe no sensitive or confidential information is harm or any unauthorized access occurred.

But as per the Jone’s statement, it is being said that first they come to know about cyberattack was by unusual high bandwidth usage. Initially, Colorado established the State of Emergency, during the wake of a ransomware attack in March 2018.

In the Colorado State of Emergency come into action after a week as the Colorado office of information technology’s affected and short-staffed IT department spent time in disinfecting more than 2K infected machines.

Declaration of State of Emergency allows accessing National Guard’s resources, technology office, state police, and other organizations as per a statement from the governor’s office. Likewise, Edward’s emergency declaration will also make sure that the emergency area gets the services as stated in law and goods at the same price, ordinary charge as it was before the attack.

This is the preventive measures for the businesses or industries affected by any cyber-attack so that their IT consulting service provider don’t hike their rates at the desperate emergency.
The Sabina Parish School systems are being hacked with an electronic virus, and this statement is being displayed of the school districts website.

It is also said that the virus has disabled its technology systems, including their central office phone systems. The attack is being reported to local law enforcement and FBI.

Several years ago, cyber-attacks were limited to schools, colleges, and universities compared to today’s time. But cybercriminals keep on attacking and expanded their target to K-12 schools too. In 2017, the Department of Education had issued an official warning regarding the ransomware attack.

Hence, don’t wait until ransomware attacks your organization and then push the emergency response button. Make sure you take preventive steps to protect your data that you cannot afford to lose, such as making offsite data backups, regularly maintaining and monitoring of your systems, etc.

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