What makes us different

Find out why businesses in San Diego, Carlsbad and Irvine trust us to manage their IT

It takes laser-sharp focus, unmatched expertise, and friendly service to become leaders in Cloud Computing, Computer Network Services, and IT Support

Fusion Factor Corporation offers...

  • 60-minute Guarantee - No matter what time of day, our certified technicians will answer your call within 60 minutes or less.
  • Speedy computer repair - We use highly secure remote access technology to fix your computers from our office, which means you will never wait for computer support.
  • No “geek speak” - Our team of technicians talk like you do. Get clear answers on any computer support and maintenance questions you have.
  • Clear and certain outcomes - We identify red flags in your systems and alert you immediately when we find them. Risks will be clearly explained to you and we will get your authorization before we fix them.
  • 100% Service satisfaction - With our world-class technology and knowledgeable staff, we guarantee you complete satisfaction with our management & network support services.
  • Strict adherence to budget and schedule - Your IT support projects will be completed within a clearly defined timeline, and stick within resource and budget limitations.
  • Accurate invoicing - We give detailed and accurate invoices for services rendered. Since you pre-approve all charges, your IT consulting bill comes with no "mystery" charges.

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