How Does Website Speed Affect Your SEO Rankings?

How Does Website Speed Affect Your SEO Rankings?

You already have a professional company website. Your website is operational, and your material is prepared. But wait, there's a problem; it takes a while for your new website to load.

Your company's performance depends significantly on website speed. The speed of your website can impact your conversion rate if the website loads slowly since potential customers may leave it within the first few seconds.

Unfortunately, many web pages don't load properly, which might harm your search rankings and revenue. Outsourcing an SEO Company in San Diego is vital in improving your website speed.

What is Page Loading Time?

You may have questioned what page speed users will tolerate before closing a tab and moving on.

You should strive for a faster loading time because Google reports that if it takes more than three seconds for your mobile site to load, more than half of visitors will quit.

Depending on the page's code and other content, such as graphics, various pages can load at varying times.

Why Page Speed Is Important For Website?

Google has been rewarding websites that give a fantastic user experience for a while now as they increasingly see the value of doing so.

Although it's crucial to lower conversion barriers, a top-notch buying experience starts with a website that provides fast page loads and easy navigation.

By outsourcing SEO Services in San Diego, you can provide beneficial customer service. Still, SEO for e-commerce websites is enhanced when you can show Google that you are meeting site users' needs promptly.

So you can ensure that those actively looking for your products are shown up in your store by Google (folks with high buying intent).

A quick website is advantageous for firms with a digital platform.

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Advantages Of Increasing Website Speed

1. Improved Customer Service

Your visitors won't like browsing if your site is slow, and they'll leave. The consumer journey becomes more complicated when pages take an eternity to load.

You will need the help of a Local SEO to build the customer experience that customers remember and return for; you'll need demo videos, animated infographics, and other heavy content. Today's customer experience demands much more than just product photographs and descriptions.

Your firm will fall behind if your website cannot supply rich content quickly.

2. Reduced Bounce Rate

Attention spans are infamously brief. They are also becoming shorter as internet speeds increase. Numerous studies have discovered a direct correlation between the time it takes for a page to load and the proportion of users who become impatient.

The likelihood of a bounce increases by 32% as page-load time climbs from one second to three seconds. That likelihood increases by 90% if it takes more than five seconds to load your page. A professional SEO company can help you decrease the bounce rate of your website by increasing its loading speed.

3. Receiving High Traffic

Google rewards efficiency. The higher you rank and the more organic traffic you receive, the quicker your site loads.

In contrast, you'll rank lower the longer it takes for your online website to load.

No matter how strong the rest of your SEO strategy is, it will be difficult for you to rank among the top results if it takes your website longer than usual (or even merely average) to load.


As you are already aware, page speed is essential for sales, customer retention, brand loyalty, and SEO. So focus on producing quality content, optimizing your website and pages under Core Web Vitals' requirements, and aiming for the top spot on Google's first page.

To comprehensively understand your site's speed issues, combine analytical tools with tools like Google's PageSpeed Insights,, and Lighthouse. Start by following the suggestions to increase the speed of your pages, but do so with caution. Although they are excellent places to start, you can do much more when outsourcing local SEO companies like Fusion Factor!