4 Ways IT Support Company In San Diego Protects Your Company’s Digital Assets

4 Ways IT Support Company In San Diego Protects Your Company’s Digital Assets

Businesses manage a variety of essential information, including customer data, financial data, and project files. These are classified as digital assets because, like physical goods, they have a monetary value. If a hacker steals essential data from your website due to a lack of security measures and thus your company is accountable for it. Fusion Factor, a leading IT Support in San Diego, California can protect your digital assets and help secure your company's income and financial sustainability. Not all hackers are cyber crooks out to steal your information; some are chaotically nasty. They will conduct attacks that will knock your network or website to a standstill, thereby halting your operation.

Here we will cover four ways how IT Services in San Diego can protect your company's digital assets

1. Two Factor Authentication

No matter how complicated your password system is, it is never enough to keep an account safe. Here two-factor authentication comes into play. With each login attempt, the most prevalent two-factor authentication system generates a unique one-time code. This code is linked to your account and is created by a smartphone, token, or text message. The latest and secure type of two-factor authentication employs a mobile app to send an acceptance notice to your smartphone or wristwatch for maximum convenience and security.

Two-factor authentication login methods for your desktop application online, mobile can improve user and data security.

2. Data Back-Up

Companies take data back up of the information they believe is vulnerable to data corruption, hardware or software failures, human error, malicious hacking, natural catastrophes, or other unforeseeable occurrences. Backups allow you to recover files that have been damaged, erased, or rewritten.

Managed IT Services in San Diego, California can help you get data backup once a week during off-hours. If needed, they can help you get more data backup. You can also get backup for new or updated data. Most businesses utilize a combination of backup methods and technologies and several backup copies to ensure total data protection and availability,

3. Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management systems store digital assets and crucial information safely and securely. Companies have implemented shared network drives or cloud folder services, but both have significant restrictions. Using a single folder with several thousand workers from various regions, for example, is not secure. So when your firm outgrows its cloud subscription, it's time to upgrade.

Digital asset management software may store assets in a single location and make them accessible from anywhere globally. In addition, it can manage approval procedures, picture watermarking, file sharing via a branded site, and more.

4. Data Encryption

Data is at rest when stored in any storage, such as a flash drive, a hard drive, a cloud server, or anywhere else. Security access controls must be implemented to safeguard data at rest. For instance, you can control who has access to the data, what data can be accessed, and where it may be stored safely.

The best practice for online systems and applications is to keep your user base and digital assets separate. Communication between these two must be restricted to the local network and not exposed to the internet. Therefore, it is critical to encrypt the whole database as well as the fields holding user data.

Final Thoughts!!

It is essential to manage your vital information by protecting your digital asset. Collaborating with Fusion Factor, you can be assured as we implement strong security measures to strengthen your device; thus, you can save money on data loss. Get in touch with us to know more about our services.