Why Businesses Should Consider Co-Managed IT Services In San Diego County?

Why Businesses Should Consider Co-Managed IT Services In San Diego County?

Businesses that want to revamp their IT services have two options either take up in-house or with managed IT services. Is there any third alternative? Co-managed IT service is the third approach that companies apply to revamp their IT services. In this approach, the organization’s in-house team has some responsibility while outsourcing, the rest with managed IT services. Co-managed IT service allows your IT team to keep up with their jobs, with many other benefits. Co-managed IT Services in San Diego County provides cost-effective and most efficient technology solutions without the added expenditure.

If you are looking for co-managed IT services, here are a few benefits to consider:

#1 - Lower Equipment Costs

When expanding IT infrastructure, significant expenses like software, equipment, and remodeling are the considerable expenses that the companies have to bear. Co-managed IT service providers accepting the IT infrastructure costs means you no longer have to make any capital expenditure to keep your IT department running.

#2 - Less Downtime and Risk

Using Fusion Factor’s co-managed IT services allows you to curb the downtime and receive a superior troubleshooting service. We have years of experience solving complex problems efficiently, far more than any in-house IT service provider. We are also equipped with specialized tools that can offer better solutions. Moreover, we address potential problems before they cause any adverse effect on your business and reducing downtime.

# 3 - Customized Services

Co-managed IT service provides all benefits of managed services but with a greater level of customization. This service allows the IT department to work at its highest efficiency in partnership with co-managed IT service and provides the highest level of customization and control over the entire process. Thus, organizations receive the best of both worlds – the benefit of managed IT service with a higher level of transparency.

#4 - Better Efficiency

Co-managed IT services can provide better efficiency due to their wide range of experience in the industry. Unlike businesses with in-house IT services, companies with co-managed IT services have a vast arena of knowledge and experience in the IT field. They work on the best practices, and their specialization provides results in less time. Their employees are more trained and productive as they have provided services for different types of industries than in-house IT service providers.

#5 Security

At Fusion Factor, we focus on ensuring that there is no data interference or failure in technology. A co-managed IT service offers high-level server security to mitigate any issue of a data breach or service interruption. During this data-threatened phase, security must be the foremost strategy of the IT department. It would be wise to have a highly skilled and well-versed technical professional available at one call. Having access to best practices slashes down the burden on in-house IT staff.


Hiring a co-managed IT service provider is the best way to enhance your IT department’s productivity and efficiency without increasing your budget. Fusion Factor offers co-managed IT services that can release your IT department’s burden and raise your IT services level.