What Is Cloud Computing And Why It Is Important For Businesses?

What Is Cloud Computing And Why It Is Important For Businesses?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services on demand, the services include applications, storage and processing power. These services are generally offered on the basis of pay as you go over the internet. Which implies that one has an opportunity to rent services that require expensive facilities in terms of computing infrastructure or data centers thus firms are able to avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining its infrastructure. Cloud computing service providers include companies that offer network services, infrastructure and business applications in the cloud. Examples of cloud computing service providers include Amazon, century link, Google and Microsoft.

How it works:

You are probably making use of cloud computing at the moment even if you are not aware of it. this is evident if one is using online services to send emails, watch movies or TV, play games and even store picture it is obvious that it is made possible through the use of cloud computing.

Cloud computing provides access to servers, storage, databases and a wide range of applications over the internet. The services are provided by a cloud service provider who maintains and owns the connected network hardware required in order to provide the services. You provision a make us of the services provided via a web application.

Cloud services are divided into three categories or types:

• software as a service which provides fully functional web-based applications on demand. its solutions are termed as rapidly scalable, accessible from any location and eliminate concerns on infrastructure.

• platform as a service provides services to organization and individuals who are in need to develop, test, collaborate and deploy solution son a particular application. Provides fully configured sandbox and deployment environment.

• Infrastructure as a service provides preinstalled and configured hardware or software through a virtualized interface.

Currently, services like creating of new apps and services, testing and building applications, storage, backup and recovery of data, analyzing of data, streaming of audio and video and embedded intelligence are some of the services available that are provided by the use of cloud computing.

The benefits of cloud computing include its agility in that it allows for faster innovation due to the provision of easy access to a broad range of technology leading to quick development. it is also cost-saving as it provides for trade on the capital expenditure incurred on purchasing infrastructure, application and services for the variable expense and is allowed to make payment to for the services or resources required only. Elasticity is one can provide for the required amount of resources and instant scale up or down according to one's needs. Other benefits include reliability, scalability, adaptability and secure.

Cloud computing is faced with security issues. Services offered by cloud computing include cloud security which is the protection of data, infrastructure and application that are involved in cloud computing. Cloud security involves the maintenance of adequate preventive protections to ensure data safety. It should be known that cloud security is a shared responsibility between the user and the provider.