Top 6 Benefits of Migrating to Office 365 for Small & Medium Businesses

Top 6 Benefits of Migrating to Office 365 for Small & Medium Businesses

Businesses are rapidly growing with the help of the latest technologies and moving away from the traditional legacy of emailing.

Now businesses are approaching cloud computing for IT cost reduction, improving the productivity of the workforce, flexibility in delivering the latest tools to staff, and improve security.

Several companies are looking to migrate to office 365 and willing to increase the productivity of their business.

In this techno-digital world, Microsoft walked with and had updated its Office 365 according to the demand of the businesses.

Due to this as per the market research, many businesses are looking to migrate to office 365.

Initially, when Microsoft launched Office 365 in 2017, it had 24.9 million subscribers on the platform of Office 365.

When the platform launched, it was for small and medium-sized businesses, but now it is available for even large global enterprises to use as their productivity suite.

Office 365 has a wide range of benefits, especially for the businesses in the industry that relies on IT services for their critical operations.

Dig down to know the top 6 benefits of migrating to Office 365:

1. No Servers, No Maintenance

Now no need to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while working remotely, as you can access your files from the office.

It is possible, as Office 365 runs entirely on the cloud, you can access any files and emails from any corner of the world and at any time.

With this migrating to Office 365 will reduce costs, challenges, and risks for small, medium, and enterprise IT teams.

Organizations now no need to allot resources and time for managing local email servers or network drives.

Employees can use Office 365 Outlook for emails, OneDrive as storage of files, and also get instant access to creating, editing, and sharing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Plus point of this is Microsoft is responsible for the uptime of Office 365 platform for their customers.

2. More Space, Less Cost

One of the best benefits offered by Office 365, especially for small businesses. It has a flexible monthly billing process.

Allowing the organization to add or decrease the users as per their needs manually. No contract-based plans, change the project as per your growing business needs.

Since it is not dependent on upfront costs, it fits easily into the monthly budget.

With less cost, it also gives ample space to store files, emails, and data. Say goodbye to that red popup, which reminds you to clean up your emails to free space.

Instead of that, say hello to 50GB of email storage space available in Office 365.

3. Updated Tools & Devices

Microsoft Office 365 walks parallel with technology, featuring new tools and applications that are unavailable in other platforms.

One of the best tools in Office 365 is OneDrive, allowing users to share files between company colleagues and clients with fast and straightforward access.

Also, files from a local computer can be moved to OneDrive and can access from any place and time through the web interface.

Recently Microsoft has conquered Skype and contains the latest version of it, naming Skype for Business.

Allowing businesses to communicate internally and with clients in real-time through messaging or video conferencing.

The best think of Skype Business is that it can access from desktop, mobile apps, or within the outlook web interface.

For internal communication, Microsoft has launched Teams, where you can communicate internally with your colleagues.

Create groups, share documents and files, and can communicate through call, chat, and video. The application can access from desktop and mobile apps.

4. Simplified Migration

Microsoft is customer-oriented and wills to provide smooth and safe migration without losing any data while migrating.

Microsoft offers a wide range of support options to the companies looking to migrate services from a legacy environment into the Office 365 cloud platform.

Microsoft Gold Certified experts like Fusion Factor Corporation can help you in migrating data between systems.

As the company becomes live on the Office 365 platform, all the users in an organization start receiving updates and new features on many bases.

5. Support for More Devices

Microsoft Office 365 is fully accessible on all the modern systems including, Mac computers, Windows computers, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

The organization now can allow their employees to access any device of their choice, in fact, a personal device from home.

6. Secure and Reliable Data

As it says that data will store in the cloud that means moving the location of data from their facilities, this fears some companies to migrate to Office 365.

The data is on a cloud, and IT managers can control the privacy settings of Office 365 apps, which means information is accessible by the people designated to work with it.

All the cloud data is backed up regularly and replicated, reducing the risk of data loss.


To find more on how an Office 365 migrating can help your business to improve productivity, contact Microsoft Gold Certified consultants at Fusion Factor Corporation.

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