5 Secrets Of Success From The Shark Tank Star – Daymond John

5 Secrets Of Success From The Shark Tank Star – Daymond John

Daymond Garfield John, who don’t know this man. An American businessman, investor, television personality, author and motivational speaker.

He is best known as the founder, president and CEO of FUBU and on television as an investor on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.

It was a privilege to meet him at the Robin Robin’s event. We walked through his life journey by rapping and playing music of the 70s and 80s that was relevant at that time.

He also added that his life was black and white until any idea strikes his mind, it takes seconds and a combination of a bunch of action which changed his life from black and white to technical.

The most important thing he clarified is that “Do what you love” but with that, he added don’t quit your job, walk some extra mile and work some little hard to do what you love.

He himself continued his day job at Red Lobster which helped him achieve what he is today.

At a very small age, Daymond John learnt that responsibilities are not been given but must be taken. He taught a very good lesson to us that seek for the opportunity and self-promote yourself.
the Shark Tank Star - Daymond John Meet-Up with the Shark Tank Star - Daymond John
With all his jolly nature, he explained his 5 key SHARK points to be successful.

S – Set a Goal – Always dream for what you want to be and its science that what you be what you think about the most. So also take one action daily towards it.

H – Homework – Do your analytics, meaning to take inventory of your own. Take inventory of action you do and the ones you don’t take.

He also said one phrase that, “Assets will beat you, and your liabilities will eat you.”

A – Amore – Every single entrepreneur should – Amore, Adore and love what you do. And keep asking yourself, why you do it in the first place?

R – Remember you are the Brand – This is more important now than ever john says, “we are all looking at people through the phone. But do another person categorize you based on your social media posts? And how would you describe yourself on 2-5 words?”

Ask yourself, how are you presenting yourself to the people?

K –Keep Swimming – DON’T GIVE UP! Keep Swimming, this is the only way to be successful. Search for opportunities and think about your failures and what you can learn from that.
 Shark Tank Star - Daymond John

This is all I learnt from Mr John and I hope that you found this blog helpful and inspirational. It was wonderful to meet a jolly, inspirational and helpful person.

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