Improving Cybersecurity with Multi-Factor Authentication

Improving Cybersecurity with Multi-Factor Authentication

Recent studies have shown that Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can block almost 99.9% of automated cyber-attacks. Now the main issue is only 28% of the population use MFA.

Mostly SMEs become the victim of cyber-attacks. In case of an attack on business e-mail, the loss was assessed to be more than $160,000. This massive loss can put small businesses out of action. Cybersecurity measures like multifactor authentication can save your business from data breaches and massive losses.

Now, the security experts are trying to find out ways to block the access of unauthorized users. One standard and best method for controlling the access of unauthorized users is multifactor authentication.

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Passwords are now becoming history because MFA seems to be replacing the passwords. In MFA, you can use different sources to identify your identity. For example, you receive a code on your mobile phone. As mentioned earlier, more than 90% of data breaches can be prevented by using MFA. This is the reason many companies are using this, especially in their IT departments.

Multifactor authentication is the method to prove that you’re the one who is trying to access the system or device. You can use more than one of these below-given methods for access:

• Password or pin code

• Fingerprint or retinal scanner

• A smart card or an RSA token

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication Mandatory?

Companies allow access to many users through passwords, and passwords are easy to crack for attackers. In 2019, billions of files were breached. Using multifactor authentication might seem complicated, but it is a simple and common practice. Cybersecurity services are getting common these days.

Google is already using this when you confirm authorization on a new device. Google sends you a message with a unique code. You enter this code after putting in your password, and then you can access your device and account.

If you’re finding it challenging to set MFA for your business accounts, you can contact a company offering Cybersecurity Consulting Services. You will have to pay only a small amount for Cybersecurity services, but you can enjoy massive financial and security benefits.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Methods

Some standard MFA methods are given below:

• Push Notification Method

You can use any mobile application for authentication. These apps are easy to use and free. You will get a push notification on your mobile screen even when you try to log into your mobile device.

When you click yes, you will have access to your account. On the other hand, if someone is trying to access your account, you can click “No,” and the permit will be denied. Sign in to your account immediately and change the password.

If you’re using a decent password and push notification method, the chances of getting access to your account or device are zero.

• Mobile Device Code Method

It is another method, and here you will not get a push notification. Here, you will get a six-digit code on your mobile device. The good about these codes is you’ll get a new code every time you attempt to log into your device.

This Cybersecurity measure makes it difficult for the attackers to hack your tool or cause a data breach. Many authenticator apps use both the methods, such as push notification and device code.

• SMS Code and e-mail Method

SMS code method doesn’t require a mobile application to authenticate your account. Moreover, you don’t need a Smartphone for this method.

After setting these MFA methods, when to log in to your account, you receive an SMS on your mobile phone and e-mail. Moreover, you’ll receive an e-mail from your e-mail address as well.

So all these multifactor authentication methods can keep your businesses secure from cyber-attacks.


As data breaches are increasing day-by-day, the need for Cybersecurity measures and Cybersecurity Services is also growing. You can contact a professional company to get Cybersecurity Consulting Services and make your businesses secure.