Top 10 Tips To Avoid Phishing Scams

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Phishing Scams

As you all know, phishing is a technique of stealing confidential information by tricking the users. Data might be any passwords, personal and financial information, etc.

Usually, phishing scams are done by hackers using email scam techniques, using platforms of social media networks, smartphones with internet access, and more types of phishing attacks are multiplying.

Phishing email includes a link that takes you to the site known to have a confidential website, but that are mere mimics with zero confidentiality.

As the economic crisis remains in certain counties, more the ways of easy earning attract the people to participate in these attacks.

Below are the top 10 tips to avoid the phishing scams:

1. Learn to Identify

The very first step is to learn how to identify the phishing emails, below are the ways to determine the attack through email:
- The hacker is duplicating company’s image
- They copy the company’s name or actual employee details
- Share sites, which are visually similar to the real business
- The main focus remains to promote gift or loss of any existing account

2. Check the Source of Email

If you receive emails from your corresponding bank, always keep in mind that they never ask for passwords or personal information by email. If you receive such an email, never respond to that email.
Also, if you have the slightest doubt, directly call your bank for clarification.

3. Never go Through Hyperlinks

Whenever you see promotional or sale emails from e-commerce websites, never directly click on the hyperlinks or links attached in the email, neither click on the links attached received from your bank mail.

That link might direct you to the fraudulent website that will appear the same, as you recognize. To avoid such error, type the URL directly in the browser or use bookmarks/favorites if you want to go faster.

4. Enhance your Computer Security

If you have a business-oriented or personal use of computers, common sense and good judgment are crucial to keeping your computer protected with antivirus to avoid this type of attack.
Along with that, try to keep your operating systems and web browsers at the most updated version.

5. Use your Sensitive Data Securely

Never use your sensitive data on websites, which does not begin with “https://”. These websites may not be secure to use.
Also, check that the browser should show an icon of a closed lock, which means this website will keep your data confidential.

6. Keep an Eye on your Accounts

It is always good to check your bank accounts periodically and be aware of the online transactions and any irregularities.

7. Always Phishing doesn’t mean to Online Banking

It’s a myth that phishing attack usually happens while doing online banking, but most phishing attacks are against banks.

They can also use any popular websites such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, etc. to steal your personal data, so be safe while using any online sites and browsers.

8. Phishing Knows all Language

Phishing doesn’t limit to languages. It can reach you in any language. But in such cases, they might be poorly written or translated, which becomes an indicator that something is fishy.

9. Precautions are Better than Cure

Have the slightest doubt, and do not risk. Always check the emails twice to avoid phishing attacks and always keep in mind no bank or website asks for confidential data to be emailed.

Ignore and delete such types of emails and call your bank to clarify your doubts.

10. Always be Updated About Latest Malware

Every day 1000’s of new ways is innovated by cybercriminals to steal your confidential data by phishing, spoofing or any cyber-attack. We recommend or advise you to be safe while browsing the net.

How can you frequently be updated about the evolution of malware?
Fusion Factor will help you to learn how to avoid phishing attacks by providing training. We, as an MSP, will give you comprehensive security and complement with simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training campaigns. We will educate employees and make them the best defense against cybercriminal.

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