Thanksgiving SEO Tips To Scale Your Business Growth

Thanksgiving SEO Tips To Scale Your Business Growth

Thanksgiving is the first thing that usually springs to mind when someone asks what they think about November. No one can deny that the main attraction of Thanksgiving is the food, even though everyone celebrates differently—some watch the Macy's Parade, while others play afternoon football. The start of the "most wonderful time of the year" is unquestionably a Thanksgiving meal.

Reading this blog, you will better understand how to organize an effective SEO strategy before going for a Thanksgiving holiday.

     1.  Examine Past Year's Patterns

Start with the relevant keywords you used during the previous Christmas season. You can quickly obtain the search query data from Google Search Console if you have already set it up for your website. If you need help with keyword research, you can hire a San Marcos SEO company to help you with keyword research effectively.

Next, use Google Trends to investigate those keywords and look up the highs and lows of the previous year's holiday trends. For example, if you look for the trend for the term "cybersecurity services," you'll discover that individuals began looking for them in early October. The number of searches increased in November, peaked in the middle of December, and continued to rise until the week of Christmas.

     2.  Achieve The Correct Target Keyword And Content

While it's essential to comprehend the search terms from the previous year, continue. This year's holiday season's keyword research may change from last year's, mainly if any new products were released before the holidays.

Don't overthink your approach to using holiday-specific keywords if your SEO is already keyword-optimized. 

You can utilize different SEO tools or Google's Keyword Planner for general keyword research. Combine many long-tail and high-volume keywords to draw in customers seeking products similar to those you carry and holiday shoppers. If you face difficulty using these SEO strategies, you can consider outsourcing SEO Services in San Marcos, California.

     3.  Enhance Your Website's Events With Event Schema.

Schematic markup will help your events, offline or online, appear in your target audience's search engine results pages (SERPs). Your event page will show up as rich results in the search engine results page (SERP) when consumers look for upcoming events using generic keywords like "concerts this weekend" or "workshops near me."

If you add event schema, your website will receive more clicks and have a more substantial organic presence. As a result, more people will be at your event, which presents a great chance to upsell, cross-sell, and acquire new clients—the ideal approach to local business promotion.

     4.  Ensure Correct Technicals

You should receive many visitors and purchases now that you've optimized your content. Oh, slowly. Not only are content and keywords crucial for SEO, but technological principles also are. What good is it, after all, if your website crashes or cannot handle the spike in traffic over the holidays? Although expected for the holidays, these problems significantly affect your revenue now.

One of the factors Google takes into account when ranking your website is user experience. Make sure there are no lingering problems that impede your website's success by routinely checking its performance.

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By increasing your local search presence, Fusion Factor's local SEO will help you win big this holiday season. Because search engine optimization tactics take time to produce results, you'll advance more if you implement these local SEO ideas for the 2023 holiday season. Planning early to avoid being unprepared for the holiday season is advisable.