What Are The Major Google Penalties Affecting SEO?

What Are The Major Google Penalties Affecting SEO?

Most websites receive the most significant amount of traffic from organic sources. The organic route has the highest conversion rate. This makes businesses more reliant on Google. The number of leads can increase, boosting revenue, even if only a few keywords' Google rankings improve. Some SEO experts may over-optimize their websites or use unethical SEO techniques to obtain better and quicker results via the organic channel—Google penalties them, lowering the value of their site. Outsourcing SEO Services in San Marcos, California, can protect your websites from getting penalized by implementing proper SEO strategies.

Here are the significant Google penalties that might impact rankings.

     1.   Keyword Stuffing

Using excessive keywords to boost a page's ranking in search engines artificially is known as keyword stuffing. Stuffed key phrases frequently occur on a page awkwardly or out of context, sometimes in the form of listings, and this is a proven negative SEO ranking issue.

Using deceptive SEO strategies like cloaking, content spinning, and others, together with keyword stuffing, is a definite way to get penalized.


The Panda algorithm penalizes overly optimized material, which will have the opposite effect on a crammed page's rating. Carefully examine your content after you are confident that no black-hat SEO strategies have been used on your pages. For assistance creating correctly optimized pages, hiring an SEO Company in San Marcos can be a wise decision.

Pro Tips

  • The title, H1 tags, and meta description should include the target term once.
  • Put your keywords in the right places throughout the content, and make sure they make sense.
  • Replace the exact-match keywords with synonyms, long-tail keywords, and rephrased phrases.
  • Avoid overusing bold, italics, and other formatting elements in your content by appropriately using headers and paragraphs.

     2.   Links That Aren't Natural

Google will punish unnatural links by lowering their value if it discovers that they were fabricated by you or another party and placed on your website. In this situation, Google advises cleaning up the connections if possible, but it shouldn't harm your website.

Instead, they promise to take targeted action against any unnatural links going to your website that seem to be beyond your control.

Google Penalty

Google considers you to have control over these links pointing to your website. This can signify that you've paid for links, participating in a link scheme, or that many links point to unrelated directories or material with low authority.

They will punish both the links and the entirety of your website in this situation. Having reliable SEO Services in San Marcos, CA, can solve the issue of unnatural links.

     3.   Spammy Hosting Services

Due to the establishment of websites that significantly violate the webmaster guidelines, your hosting provider will be penalized by Google. This is a common issue with services offered by free hosting providers. If you've used a free hosting service and Google finds that a sizable percentage of the websites hosted by this service provider are spammy, it may take manual action against the provider. 

For all the hosted websites, this will result in a manual penalty. You host your website, and you must select a reputable hosting company. You are also advised to switch hosting companies if you receive this penalty.

     4.   Spam Sent By Users

User spam typically appears in the comments sections of blog posts, on forums, on well-known social media accounts, etc. Frequently, automated tools create these remarks only to gain SEO backlinks.

User-generated spam hurts the quality of a site since it lowers PageRank and is frequently unrelated to the primary content. A Google penalty may be applied if there are too many of these comments on the entire site.

How To Fix

Delete them if you find any strange comments on your pages. However, avoiding spam is more straightforward than removing it after the fact. Some platforms even prefer to shut down comment areas if they lack the personnel to manage them.


A website's search visibility, traffic, and revenue can all be negatively impacted by manual efforts, which can also be a significant pain. You should frequently check Google Search Console to ensure your site complies with the Webmaster Guidelines. Start by looking at the manual actions report in GSC if your site needs to gain its search visibility before moving on. Additionally, to keep your website compliant, you can seek the assistance of an SEO Services Company in San Marcos.